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Tari Brand and I are having a show this fall to preview and offer for sale furniture and objects that have been redone or upcycled as the  term goes. This is my first finished piece. Although, I made a chair with a similar feeling for my granddaughter. I struggled with this piece because of the potentialness of some one else wanting it. I recognize the insecurity of product production and how I need to grow in this area. Now that is not in my face and I look at the photos I like it more and my irritation is subsiding. What a funny life this creative stuff presents.  I realized that continue to upholster I need to look at a pneumatic  staple gun.


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Welcome to our collaborative, interactive blog! We will be introducing ourselves during this chapter in our lives as crazy, creative women who love to share.  The two of us have played many roles; employer and employee, psychiatrist and patient, mother and child, teacher and student, business partners, confidantes, confessors, artists and friends.  It’s not over. Far from it. We have endless energy and countless ideas to share, with each other and with you. You’ll be introduced to our families,  gardens, art projects, inspirations, diy videos and more. So welcome to Creative Obsessions!

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