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I have been working to become a gardner since May of this year. If you saw (want to see look at post in May 2011) the beginning of this garden it was planted by seed except for several small starters. It has grown into become a “real” garden. We have sampled every thing so far but the watermelon, eggplant, bell peppers and sweetie cherry tomatoes. These have been slow to grow because of my insufficient watering and inadequate containers. Many books and online sources say that insufficient watering can cause all kinds of problems. I have also seen a variety of worms turn many leaves into lace and bugs of all sorts consuming all they can. Powdery mildew and black spot, which both are a fungus, have affected certain plants terribly. I have fertilized, sprayed, weeded, trimmed and watered and watered and watered. Even with all the challenges, my favorite thing is just sat in the middle of the garden and feel the quiet and powerful energy of living and growing plants. I have nurtured this space of energy, returning day after day to do what is the best for all the garden. I now realize how much there is to learn and am determined to take in as much information as I can to keep it on the right path.


My granddaughter and I have had a great time this summer planting, feeding and watering the garden . Watching these plants grow to maturation, then to harvest, and then to our dinner table, has been a wonderful experience and brought to me valuable lesson. Even though I come from farming and ranching families, it has been along time since I have experienced this process. It is so easy for us to just go the store pick up want we want from the produce area, not giving a thought about the process of commercial farming and the amount of resources it takes to bring us this convenience. Granted, from this first garden there has been a slim amount of produce, but it can only get better. Maybe next year or the next I might be able to produce enough vegetables for everyday.


Regardless of the bounty, It has given me such an appreciation of creation and shown me how I can take it for granted. This creative process have brought me new appreciation,joy and more peace. I love this new view of my world.

Mini birdhouses Ella and I painted.

The real bird feeders.

Sugar baby watermelon.

Yellow squash.

Green beans and oregano.

Green beefsteak tomate.

Indian mustard seed, thyme, chives and basil.

Sunflowers opening.

Heirloom tomatoes.

Peace gardenWide view of garden with bird feeders and houses.



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